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◆ A new function "Healthcare" has been added!
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Apr 24, 2023
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◆ A new function “Healthcare” has been added!
You can easily record meals and know the nutritional balance of the day.
We also deliver health advice supervised by a registered dietitian!
It can also be used for dieting with calorie management.

◆I want to make it! Recipe video app where you can find
・No.1 number of recipe videos in Japan (*)
(*) In-house research (number of publications on the app, as of February 24, 2022)
・Recipe video app SNS fan number No. 1 in Japan (*)
(*) “SNS” = Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. In-house research (as of February 28, 2022)
・Recipe video app user evaluation No. 1 in Japan (*)
(*) Research by (Average evaluation value of iOS apps with a cumulative total of 15,000 or more evaluations in the App Store “Food & Drink” category [each release date-2022/02])

A cooking recipe video app that anyone can easily make deliciously
DELISH KITCHEN delivers recipe videos that anyone can make delicious and easy to use for everyday cooking! Enjoy cooking while watching recipe videos.
The recipes posted are original recipes created by food experts such as registered dietitians, cooks, and culinary researchers, so you can rest assured that your family is healthy.

◆Find the dish you want to make!
Since there are special features, you can easily find the dishes you want to eat and make, such as bento side dish recipes, gourmet party recipes, rice recipes that enrich your time at home, and recipes that are full of vegetables that are great for dieting.
Even if you are making a recipe for the first time, it is easy to understand because it is a video! It’s easy to make and should make cooking fun.

◆Automatic suggestion of daily menu! The worry of “what should I do for today’s meal” may disappear?
The custom menu function automatically suggests main dishes, side dishes, and soups!
You can also specify the ingredients you want to use for the menu! The menu is decided just by entering the leftovers in the refrigerator.
By customizing the menu for the week in advance, you can greatly reduce the time spent thinking about the menu.

■ Features of DELISH KITCHEN
・ Many time-saving and easy recipes are released!
・Original recipes created by registered dietitians, cooks, and culinary researchers!
・Because it’s all simple cooking recipes using ingredients at home, even beginners won’t make mistakes!
・Unlimited viewing of “Today’s Popularity Ranking”!
・ Because it is a video, the cooking procedure is easy to understand!
・You can save your favorite recipe videos!

■Enriched shopping functions!
・Not just recipe videos! Information on flyers and coupons for nearby supermarkets is also available, and we can help you with everything from shopping to cooking!
・A lot of advantageous coupons are posted!
・ You can check the special sale information of supermarkets in your neighborhood! In addition, today’s menu is determined from today’s bargain ingredients!
・You can shop efficiently by using the shopping list!

■Recommended recipe video app for people like this
・I’m worried about deciding on the menu every day, “What should I do for today’s meal?”
・ I want to expand my cooking repertoire
・ I want to know a bento recipe that can be easily made even in busy mornings
・ I want to know a time-saving recipe that can be cooked in a short time
・ I want to know simple recipes that even beginners can make
・I want to know recipes for easy sweets that can be made with children
・I want to see how to make it in a recipe video
・I don’t want to miss the bargain sale information in the neighborhood
・I don’t have a habit of looking at paper flyers, but I can check smartphone flyers
・ I want to use coupons to make great purchases

■ DELISH KITCHEN Premium Service Terms of Use
■DELISH KITCHEN Privacy Policy

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■ Inquiries
For recipe requests, questions, bug reports, etc., please contact us at the address below.
[email protected]

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