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PagBank is a complete bank, with a 100% digital account, FREE credit card and limit released instantly!
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Apr 25, 2023
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PagBank is a complete bank, with a 100% digital account, FREE credit card and limit released instantly!

Through the superapp, you can pay bills and slips, make transfers via unlimited PIX and TED, anticipate your FGTS, recharge your cell phone and much more!

If you are an entrepreneur or self-employed and looking for ease and security, PagBank is your bank!

You can sell, receive, pay bills and taxes, manage your business and more: you can have a free credit card, and your account has no fees and bureaucracies!

Income account:
Conta Rendeira is a totally free and complete PagBank digital account!

With it, your money yields more than twice the savings, with security, guarantee and simplicity.

There, your money yields 100% of the CDI, without you having to do anything! Just leave the money in the account for 30 days and it starts earning.

Saving from R$300, you have access to a credit card without credit analysis. And this limit is defined by you: the more money you reserve in the account, the more limit on the card you will have!

Digital account for PC:

Have an account for your free business and 100% digital with income that yields more than savings.

Ideal for entrepreneurs looking for ease in everyday life with unlimited Teds and Pix, bill and tax payments, business management, free account card and much more.

In addition to the account, we have the most complete line of machines and management application so that your company continues to sell and grow more and more.


If you have a goal you want to achieve, be it a house, car, trip, etc., or you want to have that emergency reserve to help you in times of trouble, this is the best place to invest!

We have CDBs that yield more than twice the savings and with daily liquidity, direct treasury, investment funds with cashback, stocks and much more that are available to individuals and companies!

If you invest in CDBs, you get an international credit card, without credit analysis and annuity. Applied turned limit. Invested R$1,000, get R$1,000 limit.

Through the app, you can access suggested portfolios, portfolios by investor profile and consume content related to the subject of financial education, thinking about helping you make a decision about which investment is best for your goals.

There are many options for you who want to invest in your dreams! Get started today with options starting at R$1.00!

Card Machines:

Since 2006, innovating the vending machine market in Brazil. Who doesn’t know Minizinha and Moderninha, right?!

We have several machines to meet your needs and with several advantages!

No rent or membership fee, 5-year warranty, free shipping, multiple receipt options: PIX, QR Code, the most diverse debit, credit, meal flags and you can receive your money on time.

Service Recharge:

Recharge your cell phone, food, games, prepaid TV and transport via app, without leaving home!

Also, get 2% back on all mobile top-ups and schedule your next top-ups.

*Check availability and offer information at:

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Novidade! Agora nas carteiras recomendadas de renda variável é possível acompanhar a rentabilidade do investimento.


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