RoboGol Soccer Shooter

Play football with tank robots! Upgrade your combat vehicle and become the best player in the world!
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Apr 3, 2023
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Play football with tank robots! Upgrade your combat vehicle and become the best player in the world!

These robotized tanks contesting on the football arena will open a whole new world of adventure to soccer lovers everywhere. Score incredible goals and enjoy every five-minute online game. To make this experience even more vivid and unforgettable, we are offering you a variety of weapons (lasers, cannons, sonic and rail guns, plus many others), so that you can inflict more damage on your opponents.

Winning is easy – you just have to control your tank robot effectively, and your team have to score more goals than an opposite team. Scoring is possible either with the help of weapons or via your top-end playing skills and prowess.
In any match, you are not limited in your selection of the opponents, it can be a local game or multiplayer option (soon to be released). Each team consists of three players.

The more you play, the more successful you become. As a result, you can move up in the global ranks or within your country ratings. You gain more experience with every win, thus increasing your skill level. Depending on your level, you can buy for weapons, ammo and other gear.

Enjoy this excellent football shooter while playing with your friends or randomly chosen opponents!

There are some features of Robogol game requiring your special attention:

Know-how of vehicle control and tactical driving:
– optical sights for most weapons;
– capability to aim and shoot while driving without having to push any extra buttons;
– user-friendly indication to reload

Online and offline games:
– If you are a rookie, start with our tutorial in order to gain necessary skills and to become proficient in tank driving;
– Play online in various team events against the players from all over the world (coming up soon);
– Play offline and hone your skills in battles against bots;
– Fight with your friends and demonstrate your best tactical skills in local games.
Customization of your combat unit:
– Go to garage in order to buy new gear, weapons and ammo;
– Make you robot tank unique by choosing a very distinctive painting style so as to be recognized by your opponents;
– Take all additional armaments and supplies in the form of boosters in order to make your game more exciting.

– These can be of attacking or supporting character;
– Your supporting boosters allow you to perform tactical and protective functions;
– Your attacking boosters are designed to inflict damage on your enemy by way of using bombs, shock waves, land mines, et cetera.

Download your Robogol version today and match your
strength and skills against some formidable opponents on
the field of this absolutely new sports shooter.

Important! It’s a beta version of the game, therefore the
administration reserves the right to reset any data on
weaponry, gear and ammo without sacrificing any
applicable transactions. All the money previously spent
shall be credited to your account.


Version Size Requirements Date - 5.0 20/09/2023