Surfer Boy On Cube 3D


* Surfer Boy On Cube 3D awesome free surfer heroes game just you have to pass over the blocks and try to not touching obstacles.
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Apr 18, 2022
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* Surfer Boy On Cube 3D awesome free surfer heroes game just you have to pass over the blocks and try to not touching obstacles.
* take your boy or girl or doll or legends to the race challenge and live a new life.
* grow up your body with more energy and get so high with cubes.
* fun foot race game with the level challenge with funny situations.
* every level has a different runway in a beautiful environment, good design made by professional designers.
* Your superhero miss queen or Princes has more beauty and charm to get a good walk look in this master game.
* This game has multiple and different race bridge to running into (blocks, cubes, shapes, perfect crafts, Hole, circles, Rafts, Balls).
* just try to rob or steal the win at whatever cost in this master game just like a war.
* try to collect all food or energy or power or strength sources or coin to destroy every obstacle in the game just like Hungry winners.
* This game has multiple styles to play you can jump, bounce, fly, race, Gravity, swing, Flow, swift, Roller, or grow your muscles to avoid any block just follow your victory.
* you can slice or cut or smash or Switch or Kick or break the shapes in this game.
* there is a big battle or big Clash you need to win in 3d world.
* crowd and join your heroes in this Crazy Attack battle.
* At every stage, you discover your super hero inc abilities and your squad.
* chase your magic victory!!
* Discover new heroes game with more challenges in 3D World.
* try to win the race until the end line don’t be Stacky.
* Collect the coins and Count Cubes and run to the end.
* In every mission tries to learn more tips and tricks and skills.
* Rush and Dash your player to a high level.
* Try to not touch the walls and jump over them.
* Destroy the boxes and cubes until the last one and don’t stack.
* Easy to play just swipe right and left on the screen.
* New levels come on each update.
* Difrent obstacles shapes.
* Never stop Moving!
* play it in free time and training your brain.
* Good Control.
* Multi Colorful and high-Quality graphics.
* Challenge your friends.
* Fun Surfer game 3D.
* Family game and mermaid rush 3d.
* new levels with new challenges.
* new kits and Characters and skins.
* exciting and interesting hyper-casual game.
* different tracks and blocks.
* new 2021 family run 3d game and high heels.
* Surf in multiple free environments.
* Racer boy game is so relaxing and satisfying.
* The new update brings a performance boost.

What's new

New Levels !!
New features !!
New Play Mode !!
Fix Bugs !!



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